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France (Picardy) – Pure « product » of the baby boom, discovering the art of writing through song, Jyhel took the step to novel and short story. Living writing like an ocean race, he savors every moment with only one goal, get back to port and, once on land, is crippled by one obsession: go again !

The approach

If writing, in its first phase, follows a totally selfish approach, what a pleasure than can be ! A plunge into the history that fully belong to the author. The adventure is very personal and thrilling. Once the magic words “The End” are written and the vicissitudes of the proofreading rounds are behind, the book becomes free. Now available, it is time to share it.

Eclectic choice of topics

My passions are multiple. Regarding the current mood, a particular article, a childhood memory, a matter dear to my heart, a period of History I really appreciate, a place to discover, my own life, I decide to embark upon a new venture. In addition, the whole planet is my playground. Isn’t writing a spacio-temporal freedom in which feelings and fantasies are combined ?

At the publisher for proofreading

“L’or de Jürgen”, my last novel, begins during World War II. This is a period I dealt with only once, on “tiptoes”, in a former novel. However, it is my historical cup of tea because, with the Great War, these are the ones that I got testimonies from close relatives, on top of available documents. By focusing on the German side in 1940, unsual angle of vision and not in line with the winners’ version, the idea is to take a stance opposite to the so called “right-thinking” and challenge it. Then, the storyline is two-edged as well as my characters.

In line with my former novels, the recipe is a mix of romance, History, Geography, intrigue, humour and so on. With a slight tendancy for thrillers, my novels cannot be truly identified to a very marked literary genre.

Additional Information

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